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10-01-2014 - Wednesday
13-4219 USA v Richard Miezin Play Save
13-4362 USA v State of Ohio et al Play Save
13-5753 USA v Christopher Clark Play Save
13-6508 Richard Chester Norris vs USA Play Save
14-1137 Stacy Fry et al v Napoleon Community Schools et al Play Save
14-1178 Mary Jane Gross et al v City of Dearborn Heights et al Play Save
14-3027 USA v David Payne Play Save
14-3306 Collins Inkjet Corporation v Eastman Kodak Co Play Save
14-5017 William Eakes III vs David Sexton Play Save
14-5146 Ronald Chisholm v American Cold Storage et al Play Save
14-5193 Applied Underwriters Captive Risk Assurance Co vs Milan Express Co Play Save

09-30-2014 - Tuesday
13-1260 Grumbley v Burt Play Save
13-2287 USA v Samuel Richardson Play Save
13-2513 USA v Sierra Villegas Play Save
13-4269 John Smith Jr v Charlotte Jenkins Play Save
13-6283 USA v Sean Widmer Play Save
13-6645 USA v Chattanooga-Hamilton Co Hosp Play Save
14-3002 Yoder and Frey Auctioneers v EquipmentFacts LLC Play Save
14-3010 Sunny Ridge Co v Keathley Play Save
14-3173 Barbara Moore v Christine Money et al Play Save
14-5047 Gary Vander Boegh v EnergySolutions Inc et al Play Save
14-5063 Frederick Morrow v State of Tennessee et al Play Save
14-5069 Lilly v City of Erlanger Play Save

08-26-2014 - Tuesday
13-8054 Dennis Grossman v David Wehrle Play Save

08-25-2014 - Monday
13-5882 Occupy Nashville et al v William Haslam et al Play Save

08-08-2014 - Friday
13-4111 Stew Farm Ltd v Natural Resource Conservation Service, et al Play Save
13-2117 2118 2119 Chrysler Group LLC v Fox Hills Motor Sales et al and Spitzer Autoworld Akron Play Save
13-2554 Kathleen Benison et al v George Ross et al Play Save
13-4390 Nadia Nathan v The Ohio State University et al Play Save
13-4409 William Cass et al v City of Dayton et al Play Save
13-4410 Glen Minges et al v Butler County Agricultural Society et al Play Save
13-5402 Terry Clifton v Wayne Carpenter Play Save
13-6394 Melvin Kindle et al v City of Jeffersontown KY et al Play Save
14-3037 Joseph Platt et al v Board of Commissioners et al Play Save

08-07-2014 - Thursday
13-2299 USA v Allebban Play Save
13-2331 Carey v Foley and Lardner Play Save
13-2451 USA v Joseph Krul Play Save
13-4002 Decker et al v GE Healthcare Inc et al Play Save
13-4052 Sister Michael Marie v American Red Cross Play Save
13-4101 Avis Rent A Car V City of Dayton Ohio Play Save
13-4348 David Antoon v Cleveland Clinic Foundation et al Play Save
13-5975 Green Party of TN v Tre Hargett Play Save
13-6446 Butler v United Healthcare Play Save
13-6527 Patricia Travers v Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Play Save
13-6548 Jeanne Wallner v JJB Hilliard WL Lyons LLC Play Save

08-06-2014 - Wednesday
13-1890 Kathleen Wierengo vs Akal Security Inc Play Save
13-1898 USA v Patricia Sawasky Play Save
13-1926 Mark M Zanecki Estate of Richard M Zanecki v Health Alliance Plan of Detroit et al Play Save
13-2437 Nasser Beydoun et al v Wataniya Restaurants Holding et al Play Save
13-2699 Joseph Little v Belle Tire Distributors Inc Play Save
13-3994 Navistar Inc v Terry Forester et al Play Save
13-6514 N W et al v Boone County Board of Education et al Play Save
14-1341 DeBoer v Snyder Play Save
14-3057 14 3464 Obergefell and Henry v Himes Play Save
14-5291 14 5818 Bourke and Love v Beshear Play Save
14-5297 Tanco v Haslam Play Save

08-05-2014 - Tuesday
12-5305 USA v Adrian Patterson et al Play Save
12-6619 USA vs Whalen Play Save
13-3850 USA vs. Ray Play Save
13-3851 USA vs. Howard Play Save
13-5667 USA v Walter Cardin Play Save
13-6406 Clinton Burton v Zwicker and Assoc PSC Play Save

08-01-2014 - Friday
13-2432 Debbie Jean Latits v Lowell Phillips Play Save
13-2494 United States of America v Raymond Lamont Cheatham Play Save
13-4011 Marie Weaver v City of Twinsburg Ohio Play Save
13-4450 Stockman v GE Life Disability and Medical Plan et al Play Save
13-6266 Charolette Payne et al v Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Play Save
13-6322 USA v Arthur Smith Play Save
13-6622 Marye Wahl v GE et al Play Save

07-31-2014 - Thursday
14-5074 Sarah Aldrich v Rural Health Services Consortium Inc Play Save
13-1761 USA v Ricky Brown Play Save
13-2243 USA v Jerry A Mais Play Save
13-2391 Rosettus Weeks v Michigan State of Play Save
13-2625 Ashima James v Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston Play Save
13-3855 Mark Langford v Warden Ross Correctional Play Save
13-4364 Absolute Roofing & Construction Inc v Secretary of Labor Play Save
13-6320 Marian Curry v Kenneth Brown et al Play Save
13-6327 Robert Burgett et al v Troy Bilt LLC et al Play Save
13-6401 Mark Radell v Michelin Retirement Plan Play Save
13-6466 Jesse Ortiz v Hershey Company Play Save
13-6629 Johney Finn et al v Warren County Kentucky et al Play Save
14-5068 Brenda Margeson v White County TN Play Save

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