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03-21-2014 - Friday
12-6499 USA v Calvin Morgan Play Save
13-1047 Deyonta Robinson v Shirlee Harry Play Save
13-1876 Clifford Tyler v Hillsdale County Sheriffs Dept et al Play Save
13-1955 Melissa Flones v Beaumont Health System Play Save
13-2288 Savers Property and Casualty et al v National Union Fire Insurance Play Save
13-5888 Danny Moore et al v Industrial Maintenance Service et al Play Save

03-20-2014 - Thursday
11-5138 Gregory Sullivan v USA Play Save
12-4510 McCarthy v Ameritech Publishing Play Save
13-1077 Robby Kennedy v Darrell Stewart Play Save
13-1365 Maclean v McKee Play Save
13-1405 Roberson v Torres Play Save
13-1426 D Baylock v Fernando Davis Play Save
13-1574 Neileigh Regets v City of Plymouth Play Save
13-3295 McCarthy v Ameritech Publishing Play Save
13-3408 EEOC v Kaplan Higher Education Corp Play Save
13-3799 Linda Clark v Lender Processing Services et al Play Save
13-3884 Siding and Insulation Co v Acuity Mutual Ins Play Save
13-5270 USA v Steven Washington et al Play Save
13-5506 James Baker vs USA Play Save
13-5578 AO Smith Corp et al v USA Play Save
13-6007 CNH Capital America vs Dominick Pagano et al Play Save
13-6062 Tiffany Anestis v USA Play Save

03-19-2014 - Wednesday
12-2087 City of Pontiac et al vs. Schimmel et al Play Save
13-1773 Hi-Lex Controls v Blue Cross and Blue Shield Play Save
13-3016 USA v Brandon Jones Play Save
13-3558 Nicole Cultrona v Nationwide Life Insurance Company et al Play Save
13-3669 FDIC v AmFin Financial Corporation et al Play Save
13-3750 Summerfield v Gorniak Play Save
13-3845 Robert Krutko v Franklin County Ohio et al Play Save
13-3938 Cynthia Huffman et al v Hilltop Companies LLC Play Save
13-3965 Physicians Ins Cap v Praesidium Alliance Gr Play Save

03-18-2014 - Tuesday
12-3470 Addelghani v Holder Play Save
12-5947 Casey Hyland v HomeServ of America et al Play Save
12-6141 Demarcus Rogers v United States of America Play Save
13-1320 Patricia Barachkov et al v Linda Davis Play Save
13-1701 ABC Beverage Corp v USA Play Save
13-1915 Joshua Amerson v Waterford Township et al Play Save
13-3898 Hunt et al v City of Cleveland et al Play Save
13-5693 United States of America v Stephen McLaughlin Play Save

03-14-2014 - Friday
12-4411 David Foster v Warden Chillicothe Correctional Play Save
13-1515 Joan McCray v Annie Carter et al Play Save
13-3423 Lisa Shivley v Green Local School District Play Save
13-3456 USA v Kevin Davis Play Save
13-3958 USA v William Babcock Play Save
13-5629 Phaedra Spradlin et al v Pikeville Energy Group LLC et al Play Save
13-6034 RL BB Acquisition LLC v Bridgemill Commons Development et al Play Save

03-13-2014 - Thursday
12-4450 USA v Lester Sadler Play Save
12-4458 USA v Nancy Sadler Play Save
13-1578 Salah Dado v USA Play Save
13-1664 Robert Buchanan et al v General Motors LLC Play Save
13-3274 USA v Bennie Overton Play Save
13-3957 Henri Eisenbaum v Senior Lifestyle Corp Play Save
13-3984 Carl H Rhoades v Standard Parking Corporation Play Save
13-5714 USA v Edward R Young Play Save
13-5784 James C Pierson v QG LLC Play Save
13-5942 Janet Epperson v Resource Healthcare of America Inc Play Save
13-5943 Roslyn Currier v First Resolution Investment Corp Play Save

03-12-2014 - Wednesday
12-2363 Randle Griffin v Mary Berghuis et al Play Save
12-2671 General Electric Capital Corp v Harvey Gainey Sr Play Save
12-4003 Thomas Barton v Warden Southern Ohio Play Save
12-4004 USA v James Dimora Play Save
12-4051 USA v Michael Gabor Play Save
12-6425 USA v Tullock Play Save
13-1717 United Steel Paper Forestry et al v Kelsey-Hayes Company et al Play Save
13-1752 Bank of Ann Arbor v Everest Nat Ins Co Play Save
13-3451 Robert Bright v Gallia County Ohio Play Save
13-3907 Robert Bright v Gallia County Ohio Play Save
13-3983 Michael Bradley v Jack Reno et al Play Save
13-5539 Liberty Corp V Security Safe Outlet Play Save
13-5960 Wesley v Rigney Play Save
13-5994 Keith Russell v Citigroup Inc et al Play Save

03-11-2014 - Tuesday
13-1566 USA v Thomas Wooten Play Save
13-2045 Ted Gatzaros et al v Kewadin Casinos Gaming Authority et al Play Save
13-3761 Ramzi Halasah v City of Kirtland Ohio et al Play Save

02-11-2014 - Tuesday
13-6153 Kentuckians for the Commonwealth et al v USACE et al Play Save

01-31-2014 - Friday
12-2264 Self Insurance Institute of America Inc v Rick Snyder et al Play Save
13-1053 James LeGrone v Thomas Birkett Play Save
13-1696 Kimberly Smith Johnson v Comm of Social Security Play Save

01-30-2014 - Thursday
11-5829 USA v Adrian Dorsey et al - (incomplete) Play Save
12-3657 Carmichael v City of Cleveland et al Play Save
12-5581 USA v Huff Play Save
13-1165 Larry Klein et al v US DOE et al Play Save
13-1323 Lall v Bergh Play Save
13-1378 Syron v Reliastar Life Ins Play Save
13-1414 Telitha Clements v Prudential Protective Services Play Save
13-1497 Pamela Sutherland v DCC Litigation Facility Inc Play Save
13-1535 Satgunam v Basson Play Save
13-3537 Douglas v Eaton Corp Play Save
13-5452 Acosta v City of Memphis Play Save
13-5597 Ansfield v Omnicare Play Save
13-5647 Paula Shaw v Tennessee Dept of Transportation Play Save

01-29-2014 - Wednesday
13-3322 Hopkins County Coal vs MSHA et al Play Save
12-1345 Vance v Scutt Play Save
12-2402 Gregory Berry v Gary Capello Play Save
12-3491 Owner Operator Indep Drivers et al v Comerica Bank Play Save
13 4036 Tyler vs Anderson Play Save
13-1035 Volunteer Energy Serv v Option Energy LLC Play Save
13-1791 CY v Lakeview Public Schools Play Save
13-3324 Natl Mining Assoc v MSHA 13-3325 Murray Energy v MSHA Play Save
13-3503 Michael Stiso v Intl Steel Group et al Play Save
13-3514 Kevin Simms v Bayer Healthcare Play Save
13-3698 Knall beverage inc et al vs Loc Union No 293 Teamsters et al Play Save
13-5688 Crestwood Farm Bloodstock v Everest Stables Play Save
13-5689 Jeffrey Nielsen v Lewis McLean Sr Play Save

01-28-2014 - Tuesday
12-1956 United States of America v Frederick Lawrence Cunningham Play Save
12-4492 Jerome Rabinowitz vs USA Play Save
13-1376 Scott Trujillo v Henniges Automotive Sealing Systems North America Inc Play Save
13-1538 USA v Stacey Field Play Save
13-1604 Sexton v Panel Processing Inc et al Play Save
13-1643 Musleh et al v State Farm Fire and Casualty Play Save
13-1673 Daniel Rouster vs Secure Care Inc Cathleen Conley Play Save
13-3654 Local 1982 International Longshoremens Association v Midwest Terminals Of Toledo International Inc Play Save
13-3720 Sharon Pierce et al v Springfield Township Ohio et al Play Save
13-3727 William Wright et al v State Farm Fire and Casualty Play Save
13-3852 Wolfe v United States Steel Corp Play Save
13-5344 USA v Timothy Phillips Play Save
13-5423 Dan Bennett et al v CMH Homes Inc Play Save

01-24-2014 - Friday
12-6284 Roger L Smith v Commonwealth General Corporation Play Save
13-5417 United States of America v Melvin Beasley Play Save
13-5492 Roger L Smith v Aegon Companies Pension Plan Play Save

01-23-2014 - Thursday
11-2647 Brian Lott v Duncan MacLaren Play Save
12-2076 Jerome Dewald v Gene Wriggelsworth Play Save
12-2094 13-1172 JP Morgan Chase Bank NA et al v First American Title Insurance Play Save
12-2338 12-2339 USA v Gerald Duval Jr Play Save
13-1230 Gaetano Rizzo v State of Mi Play Save
13-1586 USA v Manuel Verduzco Play Save
13-1853 Bellwether Community Credit Union v CUSO Development Company LLC Play Save
13-3029 Enrique Seoane-Vazquez v The Ohio State University Play Save
13-3118 Joe D Ambrosio v Carmen Marino Play Save
13-3531 Richard Kollin Jr v City of Cleveland et al Play Save
13-3660 Lanzie Horton Jr v AGRI et al Play Save
13-3677 Kenneth Cole v EV Properties Play Save
13-5933 Megan Gilley v Marcia Dunaway et al Play Save

01-22-2014 - Wednesday
11-5564 USA v. Charles Green Play Save
12-2296 Jasmine Jordan v City of Detroit et al Play Save
12-4016 USA v German Roman Oliver Play Save
13-1286 Jared Rapp et al v Robert Dutcher et al Play Save
13-1546 Bambe Cae Johnson v Meijer Inc Play Save
13-3272 Rorrer v City of Stow et al Play Save
13-3570 Jeffrey Mayle et al v Jerry Maloon et al Play Save
13-3588 Thomas Metyk et al v KeyCorp et al Play Save
13-3681 Humphries v Chicarelli et al Play Save
13-5288 USA v Darnell Mitchell Play Save
13-5290 United States v Albert Chalmers Play Save
13-5608 Tripp Dargie et al v USA Play Save
13-5697 USA v Webb Play Save
13-5747 Shupe v Asplundh Tree Expert Co Play Save
13-5764 Ice House America LLC v Charles Cardin Play Save

01-21-2014 - Tuesday
13-1546 Bambe Cae Johnson v Meijer Inc Play Save
13-5047 Doyle Stanford Fritts vs USA Play Save
13-5608 Tripp Dargie et al v USA Play Save
13-5618 Herbert Sanford Moncier vs Nancy S Jones et al Play Save

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