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01-28-2016 - Thursday
14-2426 14-2427 14-2428 USA v Bernard Edmond Frank Harper Phillip Harper Play Save
14-3995 14-4125 14-4124 United States of America v Michael L Teadt Charles Emmenecker Bradford Heubner Play Save
14-4002 Joseph Reddy v Bennie Kelly Play Save
14-5369 Jae Lee v USA Play Save
15-1250 Pearlie Jackson v Washtenaw County et al Play Save
15-3043 United States v Paul Musgrave Play Save
15-3671 Catherine Petzel v Redflex Traffic Systems et al Play Save
15-5037 United States v Vichitvongsa Play Save
15-5442 Darrell Myers et al v Agrilogic Insurance Services et al Play Save
15-5689 George Vaughn v Konecranes Play Save
15-5690 Koncranes v Central Motor Wheel America Play Save
15-5776 C William Helm v Tracy Eells et al Play Save
15-5930 USA v Kimberly Taylor Play Save

01-27-2016 - Wednesday
13-3412 Genesis Hill v Betty Mitchell Play Save
14-6448 USA v Cooper Play Save
15-1054 Minor v Commissioner SS Play Save
15-1536 Richard Snyder Governor et al vs John Does et al Play Save
15-1600 Lydia Donati v Ford Motor Company Play Save
15-1684 Berlanga Deputy vs Jesse Goode Play Save
15-1718 Beth Bauer v Saginaw County et al Play Save
15-3180 Franklin v Jenkins Play Save
15-3453 Juan Ortiz et al v Brian Kazimer et al Play Save
15-3566 USA v Jesse Pawlak Play Save
15-3575 Sakhawati v Lynch Play Save
15-5188 Hill v Masters Play Save
15-5343 USA v James Alsante Play Save
15-5452 Fred Leonard Jr v RDLG LLC Play Save
15-5556 Watson v Cartee Play Save

01-26-2016 - Tuesday
14-5451 Koprowski v Baker et al Play Save

01-15-2016 - Friday
15-3475 Yasser Hih v Loretta E Lynch Play Save
15-5534 Jeffry Smith v Rock-Tenn Services Inc. Play Save

01-14-2016 - Thursday
15-1551 Shane Group Inc et al v Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI et al Play Save
14-2495 14-2512 USA v Antonio Rios David Casillas Play Save
14-2630 Harry Hollingsworth v Ford Motor Co and UAW Local 600 Play Save
14-4242 Mumtaz Hussaini et al v Loretta Lynch Play Save
15-1446 USA v Doreen Hendrickson Play Save
15-1598 Amira Salem et al v MDOC et al Play Save
15-3240 Carin Miller v Experian Information Solution et al Play Save
15-3303 Thomas Perez v Ohio Bell Telephone Company Play Save

01-13-2016 - Wednesday
12-3011 Brinkley v Houk Play Save
13-6624 14-5136 USA v Michael Snow Sr and Ashun Lewis Play Save
14-1992 Bartolo Fitchett v Mitchell Perry Play Save
14-2016 John Henry Ray vs Duncan MacLaren Warden Play Save
14-3946 Inhalation Plastics et al vs Medex Cardio Pulmonary Inc et al Play Save
14-6158 Victor J Stitt vs USA Play Save
14-6492 USA v Amber Flowers Play Save
15-1802 Karon Jackson v VHS Detroit Receiving Hospital Play Save
15-3208 Richard Baatz et al v Columbia Gas Transmission Play Save
15-3537 Daniel Kimethu v Loretta Lynch Play Save
15-3621 Right Now Recycling v Ford Motor Credit Play Save
15-5691 Brian Eberhard vs Physicians Choice Laboratory Services Play Save

12-11-2015 - Friday
14-1862 Tina Varlesi v Wayne State University et al Play Save
15-3725 USA v David Kraus Play Save

12-10-2015 - Thursday
14-2274 USA and Sierra Club v DTE Energy Co et al Play Save
14-3753 Cranpark Inc v Rogers Group Inc Play Save
14-4008 Susan List et al v Steven Driehaus et al Play Save
14-5099 USA v Quincy Fuqua Play Save
14-5654 USA v Timothy Fults Play Save
15-1120 Shenika Parchman v City of Taylor et al Play Save
15-1202 Robert Zucker v City of Farmington Hills et al Play Save
15-1374 James McKinney v Bonita Hoffner Play Save
15-3396 Donna Craig v Bridges Bros Trucking LLC et al Play Save
15-3447 Citizens in Charge Inc et al v Jon Husted Play Save
15-3554 Luis Cruz Osornio v Loretta Lynch Play Save
15-3568 MISC Berhad v Advanced Polymer Coatings Inc et al Play Save
15-5362 USA v David Church Play Save

12-09-2015 - Wednesday
14-1501 Hawver v USA Play Save
14-1635 USA v Leon Binford Play Save
14-2035 Artz v Klee Play Save
14-3723 USA v Angelique Bankston Play Save
14-6214 Thorne v. Lester Play Save
14-6523 USA v Sardinas Play Save
15-1200 Gardner v Brand Play Save
15-1426 Joe Solo et al v United Parcel Service Co Play Save
15-1442 Bachynski v Stewart Play Save
15-1492 McCarty v Birberick Play Save
15-3306 Samuel Moreland v Norm Robinson Play Save
15-3391 John O'Donnell v Genzyme Corporation et al Play Save
15-3411 Baisden v Credit Adjustments Play Save
15-5337 Artis v Finishing Brands Holdings Inc Play Save
15-5417 Tracy Morton v Vanderbilt University Play Save

12-08-2015 - Tuesday
14-4149 Seth Nibert et al vs John C Ruiz Bueno III et al Play Save
14-4151 John C Ruiz Bueno III et al vs Zack Scott et al Douglas Edgington Play Save
14-4197 Svetislav Vujovic vs USA Play Save
15-1548 Robert McKay v William Federspiel et al Play Save
15-3751 et al Murray Energy Corp v EPA et al Play Save

12-04-2015 - Friday
14-1989 USA v Hussein Nazzal Play Save
14-5572 USA v Cabrera Play Save
15-3158 Brown v Chapman Play Save
15-3506 Brown v Chapman Play Save
15-3542 Jason Blesedell v Chillicothe Telephone Company et al Play Save
15-5284 USA v Brandon Tessier Play Save

12-03-2015 - Thursday
15-3119 Dennie Henry et al v City of Middletown, OH Play Save
13-2381 USA v Antonio Bravata Play Save
14-2342 Dana Kennedy v Thomas Mackie Play Save
14-3905 Alex LeFever et al v James Ferguson et al Play Save
14-4184 In re Whirlpool Corporation Play Save
14-5906 Suzanne Clarke et al v Baptist Memorial Healthcare Play Save
14-6543 USA v Jason Brown Play Save
15-1142 Reva Richardson v Wal Mart Stores Inc Play Save
15-1230 Donald Burniac v Wells Fargo Bank N A et al Play Save
15-1359 Cyber Solutions Intl LLC v Pro Marketing Sales Inc Play Save
15-1549 Victor Davis v Landscape Forms Play Save
15-3294 D D et al v James Scheeler et al Play Save
15-3376 Steven Salyers v Brennan Builders Inc et al Play Save
15-5413 Southern Forest Watch Inc et al v Sally Jewell et al Play Save

12-02-2015 - Wednesday
14-5790 USA v Terry Honeycutt Play Save
15-1352 Christopher Bailey v City of Howell et al Play Save
15-3326 Tracy Thompson v The Ohio State University et al Play Save
15-3409 Jon Rogers v IRS Play Save
15-3434 United Food And Coml Workers et al v Rubber Associates Inc Play Save
15-3450 Peggy Barnum v Ohio State University Medical et al Play Save
15-3470 Jack Calhoun Jr v Life Insurance Co of North America Play Save
15-5005 Gregory Bryant v City of Memphis et al Play Save
15-5377 Ashland Hosp Corp v RLI Insur Co Play Save

12-01-2015 - Tuesday
14-2313 USA v Aoun Play Save
15-3008 Lance Coal Corp et al vs Phillip W Caudill Play Save
15-3292 Casagrande v OhioHealth et al Play Save
15-3347 James Mikuta vs Reynolds and Reynolds Co Play Save
15-5080 Leonardo Williams vs USA Play Save
15-5166 David Pierce et al vs USA Play Save
15-5575 Coitrone v Murray et al Play Save

11-09-2015 - Monday
15-8014 In re Casciano Play Save

11-03-2015 - Tuesday
14-5510 Steven Fults v Eric Qualls Play Save

10-16-2015 - Friday
14-5706 14-6034 14-6151 United States of America v Dustin Morgan Sandra Kincaid Wendi Henry Play Save

10-15-2015 - Thursday
14-3575 Jim Gibson v Forest Hills Local School District Play Save
14-3633 John Gallo v Moen Play Save
14-3790 Antioch Co Litigation Trust v Lee Morgan et al Play Save
14-6213 R K v Board of Education of Scott County et al Play Save
14-6521 Village Green I GP v Federal National Mortgage Association Play Save
15-5011 Elley Lopreato et al v Select Specialty Hospital Northern KY et al Play Save

10-14-2015 - Wednesday
13-1876 Clifford Tyler v Hillsdale County Sheriffs Depart and DOJ Play Save
14-1572 USA v Timothy Carpenter Play Save
14-3870 14-3871 14-3880 USA v Kenneth Embry Deon Levy Camille Harris Play Save
14-4189 Ohio Public Employees Retirement System v FHLMC et al Play Save
14-4223 Broad Street v Endeavor Play Save
14-4294 Local 18 International Union v Ohio Contractors Association Play Save
15-1283 Montgomery v Kraft Foods Play Save
15-1331 USA v Rasmieh Odeh Play Save
15-3101 Esquivel-Quintana v Lynch Play Save
15-3130 Ohio State Chiro v Humana Health Play Save
15-5215 Gary Biszantz v Stephens Thoroughbreds Play Save

10-13-2015 - Tuesday
14 6135 Aaron James vs. Sharon Taylor Play Save
14-6385 USA v Coker Play Save
15 1140 Maddaugh vs Eric Piper Play Save
15-5160 QW v Bd of ED of Fayette et al Play Save
15-5163 KY Coal Assoc et al v TVA Play Save

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