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Oral Argument Calendar

The Oral Argument Calendar has been posted for the:
week of 7/16/07 through 7/20/07 - updated 7/18/07

week of 7/23/07 through 7/27/07 - updated 7/23/07
The Bankruptcy Appellate Panel Calendar has been posted for the:
Tuesday, 11/13/07 - AM
Wednesday, 11/14/07 - AM
The Telephone Argument Calendar has been posted for:

Wednesday, 07/18/07 - AM

Wednesday, 07/18/07 - PM

Monday, 07/30/07 - AM

Monday, 07/30/07 - PM

Wednesday, 08/08/07 - AM

Tuesday, 08/21/07 - AM

The next Oral Argument Calendar will be posted 8/27/07 for the next session beginning 9/10/07.

Oral Argument Calendars are posted two weeks before the beginning of the court session. They remain posted for one week after the end of the session.