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11-20-2014 - Thursday
13-2484 14-1047 Detroit Crptrs Fringe Bft Fnd v Patrie Construction Co et al Play Save
13-2629 USA v Luis Edwards Play Save
13-2674 Ruth Jarrett Cooper v United Airlines Inc Play Save
13-4466 Superior Production Partnership v Gordon Auto Body Parts Co Ltd et al Play Save
13-6011 USA v James Kennedy Play Save
14-1400 USA v James Jackson Play Save
14-1643 Rick Bonds v Phillips Electronics N America Corp et al Play Save
14-3172 Child Evangelism Fellowship et al v Cleveland Metropolitan School et al Play Save
14-3309 Frederick Calatrello v DHSC LLC Play Save
14-3356 Emily Bahr v Technical Consumer Products Play Save
14-3412 Nelida Lopez v American Family Insurance Co et al Play Save
14-3466 Charles Andrews Sr v TD Ameritrade Inc Play Save

11-19-2014 - Wednesday
14-3097 United States of America v Michael Walters Play Save
12-6263 USA v Russell Collins Eddie Wilburn Richard Brosky Play Save
13-2571 W Paul Mayhue v Cherry Street Services Play Save
14-1399 Commercial Law Corp PC v FDIC Play Save
14-1430 Michael Keller v. Miri Microsystems LLC Play Save
14-3059 United States of America v Mickey Fugate Play Save
14-3354 Robert Potts v American Bottling Co. Inc. et al Play Save
14-3411 14-3431 Anthony Kelich Jr et al v Hess Corp et al and Stephen Griffith et al v Hess Corp et al Play Save

11-18-2014 - Tuesday
13-1831 Kelly Nobles v Jeffrey Woods Play Save
13-2300 Manuel Soto et al vs USA Play Save
13-3713 USA v Rhada Smith Play Save
13-6174 Richard Olive vs USA Play Save
14-1419 Borman LLC v 18718 Borman LLC et al Play Save
14-1440 Westry v Lim Play Save
14-5185 Shana Perry et al v Autozone Stores Inc Play Save
14-5450 Left Fork Mining Company Inc et al v Hooker et al Play Save
14-5574 Vogel v E D Bullard Company Play Save

10-10-2014 - Friday
12-4229 David Wade v Deb Timmerman-Cooper Play Save
13-3777 USA v Sean Murphy Play Save
13-3873 United States v Clements Play Save
13-4397 Patricia Bolden v City of Euclid Play Save
13-6301 United States v Badger Play Save
13-6565 Dax Womack v Matt Conley Play Save
14-1019 UAW v General Motos LLC Play Save
14-1119 Syed Sami v Detroit Medical Center Play Save
14-1311 Lance McNeal v Gary Kott et al Play Save
14-3095 Tonguette v Sun Life and Health Ins et al Play Save
14-3118 NetJets Inc et al v IntelliJet Group LLC Play Save
14-3119 Kings Dodge Inc v Chrysler Group LLC Play Save
14-3157 Christina Smith v Erie County Sherriffs Dept Play Save
14-5053 John Misewicz v city of Memphis Tennessee Play Save
14-5155 John Ohnemus v Travis Thompson Play Save
14-5283 Dublin Eye Assoc v Mass Mutual Life Ins Play Save
14-5331 Gerald Deom et al v Walgreen Co Play Save

10-09-2014 - Thursday
12-3169 Sierra Club v United States Environmental Protection Agency et al Play Save
13-6073 United States of America v Daniel Quail Play Save
13-6250 EEOC v New Breed Logistics Play Save
13-6656 United States of America v Lee C Tevis Play Save
14-1151 Sylvia James v Hilliard Hampton et al Play Save
14-1362 Mark Judge v Landscape Forms Inc Play Save
14-3107 Penn LLC et al v Prosper Business Dev Corp et al Play Save
14-3108 Penn LLC et al v Prosper Business Dev Corp et al Play Save
14-3269 United States of America v Mantech Advanced Systems International et al Play Save

10-08-2014 - Wednesday
11-2615 Jack Parker vs Sherry Burt Play Save
11-6180 Gary Sutton v Wayne Carpenter Play Save
13-3238 Susan List v Steven Driehaus Play Save
13-4304 JM Smucker Co v Weston Firm PC Play Save
13-4386 USA v Raymond Welch II Play Save
13-4417 Jorge Gonzalez-Garcia v Eric Holder Jr Play Save
14-1094 Saeb Mokdad v Eric Holder Jr et al Play Save
14-3120 City of Painesville et al vs Elizabeth Goodwin et al Play Save

10-07-2014 - Tuesday
12-1038 Julie Pucci v Judge Mark W. Somers Play Save
13-2523 Buchanan v Northland Group Inc Play Save
13-2641 Ljuljdjuraj v State Farm Automobille Ins Co Play Save
13-2704 Wallace v Wayne County Play Save
13-3808 13-3809 Laurice Gilbert v Terry Tibbals Play Save
13-4356 Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway v Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Play Save
13-4379 United States of America v Deborah Kistner Play Save
13-5821 13-5931 USA v Kerley Whaley Play Save
13-5957 Steve B Smith et al v Jefferson County School Board Play Save
14-1027 Kalitta Air LLC v GSBD & Assoc LLC et al Play Save
14-1063 Boone v Heyns et al Play Save
14-1090 Dow Corning v Claimants Adv Comm Play Save
14-1392 Kishna Brown v Bradley Lewis et al Play Save
14-3067 Ted Doukas v George Bavelis Play Save
14-5123 Huff v Spaw Play Save
14-5192 Allen v City of Jackson Play Save

10-03-2014 - Friday
13-4162 Tynisa Williams et al v City of Cleveland Play Save
13-5790 USA v David Miner Play Save
14-3159 William Wells et al v Brandon Rhodes et al Play Save
14-5048 USA v Derrick Ball Play Save

10-02-2014 - Thursday
13-2269 Consolidated Rail Corp v Grand Trunk Western Railroad Play Save
13-2308 USA v Rufus Robinson Play Save
13-3950 13-3951 USA v Damien Russ Play Save
13-4365 USA v Theodore Harmon Play Save
13-6418 USA v Charles Adams Play Save
14-1074 Milton Spokojny v Hillard Hampton Play Save
14-3093 JoAnn Snyder et al v USA et al Play Save
14-3215 Eric White v Duke Energy Kentucky Inc Play Save
14-3266 Joseph Libretti Jr v Steven Woodson Play Save
14-5197 William Lawrence v Commonwealth of Kentucky Play Save
14-5219 Lisa Peterson et al v James Dean et al Play Save

10-01-2014 - Wednesday
09 5517 USA vs Taylor Play Save
11-5707 Wheeler v Simpson Play Save
13-4219 USA v Richard Miezin Play Save
13-4362 USA v State of Ohio et al Play Save
13-5753 USA v Christopher Clark Play Save
13-6508 Richard Chester Norris vs USA Play Save
14-1137 Stacy Fry et al v Napoleon Community Schools et al Play Save
14-1178 Mary Jane Gross et al v City of Dearborn Heights et al Play Save
14-3027 USA v David Payne Play Save
14-3306 Collins Inkjet Corporation v Eastman Kodak Co Play Save
14-5017 William Eakes III vs David Sexton Play Save
14-5146 Ronald Chisholm v American Cold Storage et al Play Save
14-5193 Applied Underwriters Captive Risk Assurance Co vs Milan Express Co Play Save

09-30-2014 - Tuesday
13-1260 Grumbley v Burt Play Save
13-2287 USA v Samuel Richardson Play Save
13-2513 USA v Sierra Villegas Play Save
13-4269 John Smith Jr v Charlotte Jenkins Play Save
13-6283 USA v Sean Widmer Play Save
13-6645 USA v Chattanooga-Hamilton Co Hosp Play Save
14-3002 Yoder and Frey Auctioneers v EquipmentFacts LLC Play Save
14-3010 Sunny Ridge Co v Keathley Play Save
14-3173 Barbara Moore v Christine Money et al Play Save
14-5047 Gary Vander Boegh v EnergySolutions Inc et al Play Save
14-5063 Frederick Morrow v State of Tennessee et al Play Save
14-5069 Lilly v City of Erlanger Play Save

08-26-2014 - Tuesday
13-8054 Dennis Grossman v David Wehrle Play Save

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