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07-29-2015 - Wednesday
13-1072 USA v John Francis Lechner Play Save
14-2148 and 12-2206 Contract Design Group v Wayne State University Play Save
14-2319 Global Technology v Aviation Industry Play Save
14-2478 Todd Michael v City of Troy Police Dept et al Play Save
14-3932 USA v Lewis Powell II Play Save
14-4212 USA v Rarick Play Save
14-4262 Tom Stinebaugh v City of Wapakoneta Ohio Play Save
14-6205 Andrew Davis v Wayne Carpenter Play Save

07-28-2015 - Tuesday
14-2023 Luviq Plumaj vs Raymond Booker Play Save

07-22-2015 - Wednesday
14-5278 USA v Tyler Schaeffer Play Save

06-19-2015 - Friday
14-3794 USA v Perez Play Save
14-5178 14-5179 USA v Mamadou Bah and Allan Harvey Play Save
14-6285 BNSF Railway v TN Dept of Rev et al Play Save

06-18-2015 - Thursday
13-5866 Antonio Saulsberry v James Holloway Play Save
14-1545 Samuel Ambrose v Kenneth Romanowski Play Save
14-1848 Mark Parsons v DOJ Play Save
14-2188 Vicki Koning v United of Omaha Life Insur Play Save
14-2352 Karen Strehlke et al v Grosse Pointe Public School et al Play Save
14-3347 Kehoe Component Sales Inc et al v Best Lighting Products Inc Play Save
14-3654 United States of America v Jonathan Webster Play Save
14-3872 Warren Drilling Co Inc v Ace American Insurance Co et al Play Save
14-3987 James Woudenberg v AGRI Play Save
14-4058 Cassandra DeNoma v Hamilton County Court et al Play Save
14-5848 Brookdale Senior Living Inc, et al v Teresa Stacy Play Save
14-5900 JNJ Logistics LLC et al v Scottsdale Insurance Company Play Save
14-6191 Melissa Wilson, et al v Darin Gordon, et al Play Save
14-6475 Danny Swafford v Forestry Mutual Insurance Company Play Save
14-6501 Donovan Savage et al v City of Memphis et al Play Save

06-17-2015 - Wednesday
12-1903 USA v Watson et al Play Save
13-4172 William Howe et al v City of Akron Play Save
13-6573 Wright v Riverbend Maximum Security Institution Play Save
14-2058 USA v James Beckman Jr Play Save
14-3803 Velasco Tijero v Lynch Play Save
14-3996 Long et al v Insight Communications Play Save
14-4073 ACE European Group Limited v Abercrombie and Fitch Co et al Play Save
14-4088 Dino Rikos et al v P and G Play Save
14-5295 USA v Clifford Houston Play Save
14-5835 Tabitha White v Jewel Steele Play Save

06-16-2015 - Tuesday
14-1712 Scott Lee Rudlaff v Brandon Gillispie et al Play Save
14-1916 Steven Jahn v William Farnsworth et al Play Save
14-2343 Linda Harrell vs Delaware North Companies Play Save
14-4076 Albert H Schempp vs GC Acquisition LLC Play Save
14-5624 USA v Kweita Anderson Play Save
14-6125 Tracy Eiswert et al v USA Play Save
14-6516 USA vs Corrie Anderson Play Save

06-12-2015 - Friday
13-6558 USA v Kelvin Mize Play Save
14-2159 USA v Alvin Ray Play Save
14-6048 USA v Anthony Taylor Play Save

06-11-2015 - Thursday
13-2137 Sherman Wagner v Paul Klee Play Save
13-5703 USA v Corey Lanier Play Save
14-1668 Lauri Huffman v Speedway LLC Play Save
14-1824 EEOC v International Serv Play Save
14-1894 Paterek v Village of Armada Play Save
14-2115 Max Trucking v Liberty Mutual Play Save
14-2344 Szasz v Dolgencorp Play Save
14-2346 Jason Zuhl v Jason Haskins Play Save
14-2468 Lauri Huffman v Speedway LLC Play Save
14-3413 Raymond Smith v Margaret Bagley Play Save
14-4078 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co v Lockheed Martin Corp Play Save
14-5648 Wharton v Hanover Ins Play Save
14-5711 Melinda Thompson v City of Lebanon TN et al Play Save
14-5871 Branch Banking and Trust Co v Pacific Life Ins Co Play Save
14-5879 Alicia Pedreira et al v Sunrise Childrens Services et al Play Save

06-10-2015 - Wednesday
14-1274 Shannon Keys v Raymond Booker Play Save
14-1420 USA v Donald Reynolds Play Save
14-2013 Mario Simmons v Dianna Napier et al Play Save
14-2224 Raymond Shaw v AT&T Umbrella Benefit Plan Play Save
14-2308 Joseph Boulton v Christopher Swanson et al Play Save
14-3892 Carla Theiss v Walgreen Co Play Save
14-3929 USA v Darryl Lee Play Save
14-3957 Evillo Domingo v Marsha Kowalski Play Save
14-3960 John Yarberry v Gregg Appliances Inc Play Save
14-3973 Louis Gradisher v City of Akron Play Save
14-3997 Local 17 Iron Workers Pension v Harris Davis Rebar Play Save
14-4102 Baker Concrete Con v Reinforced Concrete Play Save

06-09-2015 - Tuesday
14-1499 Nabila Mahbub vs USA Play Save
14-1727 Richard Shannon vs USA Play Save
14-2109 Kevin E Chorazyczewski vs Costco Wholesale Corp Play Save
14-3761 14-3798 Robert Zik et al vs Amber Gascho et al Play Save

05-05-2015 - Tuesday
14-2149 Ellmann v Baker et al Play Save

05-01-2015 - Friday
13-2470 Vigil vs Regents Univ of MI Play Save
14-1722 Convertino v Ashenfelder Play Save
14-2078 Lossia v JP Morgan Chase Bank Play Save

04-30-2015 - Thursday
14-1571 USA v Paul Hilton Play Save
14-2075 Mitchell v City of Warren MI et al Play Save
14-2120 14-2152 Louis Leonor v Provident Life and Accident Play Save
14-3371 Thomason et al v Amalgamated Local No 863 et al Play Save
14-3612 Morabito v Holmes et al Play Save
14-3613 PNC Equipment Finance v Donna Keller Play Save
14-3678 Ohio Council 8 American Fed v Secretary of State Play Save
14-3788 Dean v Allega Concrete et al Play Save
14-3813 Dhaliwal v Holder Play Save
14-3828 Christopher Moffat et al v Wal-Mart Stores et al Play Save
14-3869 Barbara Ramsey v Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co Play Save
14-3922 Omar Alomari v Ohio Department of Public Safety et al Play Save
14-3978 Waleska Velez et al v Cuyahoga Metro Housing Play Save
14-4023 Leslie Wheaton et al v John McCarthy Play Save
14-4068 Crabbs v Scott Play Save
14-5771 Pennie Ross v Fluid Routing Solutions Inc Play Save
14-5789 Donald Corley v Commonwealth Industries Play Save
14-5917 USA v Robert Drew Play Save
14-6167 Larry Higgins et al v BAC Home Loans Servicing Play Save
14-6168 Larry Higgins et al v BAC Home Loans Servicing Play Save

04-29-2015 - Wednesday
12-3520 Abdurahman Haji v Columbus City Schools et al Play Save
13-2643 Robert Carlson v Scott Fewins, et al Play Save
13-3165 Bobby Sheppard v Norm Robinson Play Save
14-1379 Kimberly Johnson v Doodson Insurance Brokerage et al Play Save
14-1491 Raymond Pfeil et al v State Street Bank and Trust Company Play Save
14-1553 James Holland Jr v Steven Rivard Play Save
14-1742 Martinique Stoudemire v MDOC et al Play Save
14-2405 Soaring Eagle Casino v NLRB Play Save
14-3469 Tree of Life Chirstian Schools v City of Upper Arlington Play Save
14-3727 Gregory Lutz et al v Huntington Bancshares Inc et al Play Save
14-3791 Charles Byrne et al v CSX Transportation Inc et al Play Save
14-3820 USA v Justin Krueger Play Save
14-3858 Maurice Vaughn v USA Play Save
14-3882 Peter Newberry v Marc Silverman et al Play Save
14-4192 USA v Benjamin Suarez Play Save
14-5939 Michael Ward v Knox County Board of Education et al Play Save
14-6185 Larry Downs v Bel Brands USA, Inc Play Save
14-6207 Greg Adkisson et al v Jacobs Engineering Group Inc Play Save

04-28-2015 - Tuesday
13-2439 Garcia Dorantes v Warren Play Save
14-1780 Ambrose v Booker Play Save
14-2088 Daniel Gleed EEOC vs A T and T Mobility Services LLC Play Save
14-2137 Patsy Borum vs Illinois Central Railway Company et al Play Save
14-3492 James O Napier vs USA Play Save
14-5963 Edward Godawa et al vs David Byrd Play Save
14-6209 Stephen P Geller vs Henry County Board of Education Play Save

04-24-2015 - Friday
14-3959 William Sharp v James Proffitt et al Play Save
14-5237 Varsity Brands Inc et al v Star Athletica LLC Play Save

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