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Circuit Executive

The Office of the Circuit Executive provides management and administrative services for all courts in the Sixth Circuit. As Secretary to the Sixth Circuit Judicial Council, the Circuit Executive staffs the council and its committees in the development and implementation of circuit-wide administrative policies governing allocation of resources, the oversight and evaluation of the performance of the courts and the administration of the judicial conduct and discipline process. The office also provides staff support for Bankruptcy and Federal Public Defender Merit Selection Panels and oversees the circuit-wide implementation of the data network and telecommunications programs for the circuit. The Office of the Circuit Executive also provides technical advice and assistance in space planning to the district and bankruptcy courts in this circuit, and staff assistance to the Sixth Circuit Judicial Council on space matters requiring approval, recommendation, or oversight.

For the Court of Appeals, the Office of the Circuit Executive exercises administrative control over all non judicial functions of the court. The Circuit Executive serves as chief of staff of the Court of Appeals senior staff, and the office provides administrative oversight for the budget, personnel, procurement and facilities management policies for the Court of Appeals.

The Office of the Circuit Executive also provides administrative staff support to the Chief Judge of the Circuit and to other circuit-wide activities such as the Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference. Included is assistance with the liaison with other federal courts, state courts and various departments and agencies of the government, and assistance with the intercircuit and intra circuit designation and assignment of circuit, district and bankruptcy judges.

Office of the Circuit Executive
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
503 Potter Stewart U.S.Courthouse
100 East Fifth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3988
Phone: (513) 564-7200
Fax: (513) 564-7210