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Members of the Sixth Circuit Judicial Council

Effective October 30, 2020
Honorable R. Guy Cole, Jr., Chief Judge of the Circuit
Honorable Jeffrey S. Sutton
Honorable Helene N. White
Honorable Eric L. Clay
Honorable Richard Allen Griffin
Honorable Eric E. Murphy
Honorable Bernice Bouie Donald
Honorable John K. Bush
Honorable Julia Smith Gibbons
Honorable Jane B. Stranch
Honorable Danny C. Reeves
Honorable Gregory N. Stivers
Honorable Denise Page Hood
Honorable Robert J. Jonker
Honorable Patricia A. Gaughan
Honorable Algenon L. Marbley
Honorable Travis R. McDonough
Honorable Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr.
Honorable S. Thomas Anderson
Non-voting Members of the Council selected by the Sixth Circuit Bankruptcy and Magistrate Judges respectively:
Honorable Jennie D. Latta
Honorable Colin H. Lindsay