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New Virtual Transcript Program Effective Mid-July

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will implement a virtual transcript program this summer. The program will streamline transcript orders and provide more efficient communications between attorneys, court reporters and the court of appeals staff.


What is the Virtual Transcript Program?

 Currently, orders for appeal transcripts are made by completing a form that is then filed on the appeal docket.  Under the virtual transcript program, all attorney orders and court reporter acknowledgements will be made via docket entries in CM/ECF.  Court reporters will be added as appellate CM/ECF filers in their individual cases.  The new docket entries will provide prompt notifications of transcript orders, the status of financial arrangements, and all acknowledgements to the parties who need them.


How does this benefit me?


Attorneys will use CM/ECF entries to place their transcript order on the appellate docket.  Attorneys certify in the order that they have made necessary financial arrangement with the court reporters.  The attorney’s order on the court of appeals docket will be reviewed by the court and if facially complete, transmitted by an ECF notification to the court reporter.  Electronic notifications will lessen the likelihood of lost or delayed transcript requests and allow for earlier follow-up. Also, we no longer need any paper orders.


Court Reporters

Court reporters will receive prompt notice of the transcript orders filed in the court of appeals. This will provide faster notice of an order filed with the appeals court and ensure court reporters receive an accurate and error-free request.  Court reporters can more quickly advise the court of appeals if financial arrangements have been made or are missing. Court reporters will be able to file acknowledgements directly with the court of appeals via CM/ECF, indicate the status of financial arrangements, and indicate when the transcript is filed.  They can also use CM/ECF to request extensions of time and receive timely responses.


What’s next?

 Court reporters will need to create a PACER account if they do not already have one and to register for filing privileges with the court of appeals.  Training material will soon be made available on the court’s website.