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Request for Bid / Proposal

Thursday, March 30, 2017
The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals invites your company to provide a bid for the furniture, delivery and installation herein. The furniture specifications provided are to be used as a reference for each dealership to understand the quality, style and features that need to be met for each product. Substitutes may be allowed, at the Court's discretion and approval, and should be clearly noted on the bid form.
The pricing of the furnishings, fabrics and decorative lighting should reflect the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule if available. Open Market pricing will be accepted if the GSA schedule is not available or if discounting is deeper than GSA discounting. Installation, freight and shipping costs for furniture, and COM fabrics will be included as separate line items on the proposal forms provided.
Company name, address, email or fax for issuance of purchase orders for delivery and installation to be provided on bid forms. If any purchase orders require issue directly to a manufacturer for items available on the GSA schedule, all pertinent information for each manufacturer must be provided with the specification. Contact name and phone number of dealership receiving, manufacturer product delivery location/address information and Tax ID form.
Delivery and installation product location:
Potter Stewart United States Courthouse, 100 East Fifth Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3988